Step-by-step Licensing


The Versatility of bc:pos

bc:pos is an exceptionally versatile product which is used in a multitude of scenarios – from the pharmacy around the corner to the central network host with numerous clients. License pricing depends on the number of returned debits to be processed so that we can offer an appropriate version for companies of every size.


Do you prioritize transparency in cost-effectiveness?

We also offer bc:pos in a version contingent on use. You will receive the software free-of-charge and only pay according to the number of returned debits which you would like to process through bc:pos. Additionally, we will offer you various package deals from which you can select the suitable one depending on your individual measure of expected returned debits. Please make use of our contact form to request further information.

Our distribution team looks forward to advising you on the optimal configuration for your business. All licenses are upgradable, of course, so they can be adjusted at any time – that is, as soon as your company identifies further needs to be met by bc:pos.

In order to make working with bc:pos as convenient as possible for you, access to our technical support hotline is included in each package deal.