bcsign bcsign

bc:sign lets you carry out transactions in web applications using highly secure smartcard-based


Potential applications include:

  • signing of banking transactions such as transfers
  • secure login and user verification
  • authorization of business transactions in ecommerce, e. g. mail orders
  • signing of legal transactions with the public administration

If specific smartcard readers are used, the software runs without installation and does not require administrator rights on the client’s computer.



Smartcard and Browser

Since current browsers do not support signatures via smart card, the utilization of a plugin or a Java Applet which are downloaded from the internet present the only viable solutions.

The plugin or applet communicates via specified ports with the card reader and it can carry out all major functions of a smartcard, such as:

  • read public keys
  • PIN change
  • unlock PIN with superPIN
  • challenge/response procedure
  • message hashing
  • message signing


bc:sign for Banks

The advanced electronic signature generated by bc:sign can be used for signing tasks related to corporate business with banks, for example. For this purpose, the plugin fulfills the requirements of GBIC standards A004/A005/A006.

The plugin / applet can be accessed with a batch of JavaScripts from dynamic websites. That is why control over the graphical user interface remains completely in the hands of web designers. Multiple languages and extraordinary designs will continue to be realizable without any problems.


Card Readers

Card Readers

bc:sign is compatible with all common card readers. Plugin / applet and card readers communicate via PC/SC specification which means that any card reader with this connectivity can be controlled.

Class 1 card readers, which have neither display nor keys, can apply the signature in the same way as card readers of classes 2 and 3 with an integrated keyboard. For card readers of classes 2 and 3, the PIN is entered on the reader itself so that an even higher degree of security during authorization is achieved.


System Requirements

bc:sign runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. The software component is available as a Java Applet or a browser plugin for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. For the plugin version, a Java EE server component is available which bundles the card reader and card commands together in a simple-to-use API. Alternatively, APDU commands can access the card reader and cards directly.



bc:sign is both included in tembanking as a software component and sold separately to be integrated into existing web applications.

Get in touch, for instance via our contact form, to receive detailed information and a test installation.