Cash Management


CashManagementInternational businesses and medium-sized companies with subsidiaries interact internally and increasingly communicate with their banks electronically in aims to make payment authorization as easy and secure as possible, to reduce transaction costs and to achieve optimal interest rates. Various cash management concepts are employed for these purposes, e.g. cash pooling or liquidity planning.


tembanking makes components available for integrated cash management that are capable of handling any and all workflows in automated ways online:

  • cash pooling for notional or physical concentration of liquidity on (variable) target accounts with parametrizable pooling suggestions
  • liquidity planning including the collection of planned credits and debit payments, cash forecasts and resulting account balances
  • concise display of complex account structures with supporting aggregate functions
  • import, conversion and export of payment transaction files (Payment Factory)
  • single or multiple electronic signature(s) also from different branch locations and automatic transmission of which to banks, e.g. via EBICS, sFTP or SWIFT
  • generically adjustable notifications of event occurrences, e. g. upon violation of predefined limits or arrival of specific amounts

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