Research Activities

R&D for healthcare software solutions represents a crucial pillar of our Healthcare Software department enabling us to advise our customers competently and support them with new and innovative approaches.

Our research focuses on the patient, on data protection, as well as on mobile data collection.

We are currently working in the following areas:

  • Communication potentials between the pharmaceutical industry and patients
  • Patient-oriented extensions of biobanks
  • Utilisation of near-body sensory devices for prediction
  • Big Data



In aim of a steady improvement of our product range and our experiences with new technologies, materials and procedures, we support research and development to a high degree. Ideas for new processes, products and procedures originate from daily routine, from management, but also from our staff.



As a result of numerous successful joint ventures, Serrala has become a partner in demand for cooperations in national and international research projects.


Research is costly and associated with great risks, which a company of the size of Serrala cannot bear by itself. That is why we are very grateful to BMBF and BMWI for the provision of research grants and for placing their trust in us.

The following are typical research projects from the last 5 years:

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